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Solutions Meet and Exceed Our Expectations

Basic ITS did a fantastic job of listening to me and evaluating my company’s needs when I reached out to them with our issues. No high-pressure sales tactics or attempts to over-sell us like the previous company I’d reached out to had done before I found them. Basic ITS took the time to work with me to evaluate our printing needs and provide a solution that meets (and in some cases even exceeded) our expectations. I look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.

Amy Joss
ACC Electronix, Inc

Honest, Courteous and Professional

Basic ITS has helped Stellar Systems, Inc. to fill several IT positions in a difficult employment market. They are honest, courteous and professional with both their clients and their employees. Most importantly, Basic ITS delivers on their promises.

Andy Fograscher

A True Company that Cares!

I have worked with Basic ITS to supply Resources (Contract Staff), Warranties, Parts, Maintenance Contracts, etc. to help lower the IT costs facing our divisions.  They work hard to tailor solutions to fit our needs.  They have provided a reduction in storage, shipping and transportation costs. We also have used their staffing model to try out staff before we hired them full time. This ensures we get the right person for the job.  This has helped us reduce costs. We have lowered our Imaging and Configuration costs by having them perform this work at their location.

Basic ITS consistently provides the lowest prices for IT Consumable items, while maintaining high quality products.  I would recommend them for their focus on Service Excellence, while maintaining lower IT costs for our business. They are professional, dependable and always meet or exceed our expectations. They always are easy to work with and communicate back in a timely fashion.  A True Company that Cares.

Michael Arends

Exceptional Support

Our schools appreciate the exceptional level of customer support they receive from Basic ITS.

Jerry Sanderson

Supportive and Dependable

I have worked with Basic ITS for the past 30 years.  They have provided OSF with a variety of services and support.  I have depended on Basic ITS for solutions to IT problems and have always received the service and support needed for our organization.  I have worked with Basic ITS on their web portal which has made my life easier in the ordering of parts and supplies for OSF as well as providing a common product line for our multiple sites throughout Illinois and Michigan.

Richard Brooks

Excellent Resource

Basic ITS has been an excellent resource and partner.  Their communication has been excellent and their reliability has been flawless.  I’d highly recommend Basic ITS to any business looking to simplify support while adding value to the business!

Jeremy Roberts

Trusted Partner

Basic ITS is a trusted partner.  I know if I approach them with a challenge, that they will always try to find the best solution for us.  They actively work to find solutions that are cost effective, yet meet our ultimate needs.  Just as importantly, if they do not have a solution, they will not try to push off an inadequate idea or product, but will try to direct us in the direction we need to go.  Their contributions are appreciated and have contributed to my team’s successes.

Phil Evans
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